A Short Walk In Glasgow (27 Sep 2015)

Following on from my blog post from about a month ago when I had to take my bike into Glasgow for a service before the 5 Ferries Challenge charity bike ride, these are a few of the photos I took on the short walk back from the bike shop to the station.

Firstly a shot of the City of Glasgow College riverside campus.

The City Union Railway bridge is a wonderfully ornate structure.  It used to carry the line which ran into St Enoch station.  

The Merchants’ House steeple was built in 1665.  Will the Holiday Inn Express still be standing in 350 years time?

Back over the river on the South Portland Street suspension bridge and I’m nearly there.

Abstract shot of one of the bridge cables.

Despite living near Glasgow for nearly 20 years, my visits have usually been nothing more than dragging around the shops, or a night out.  It made a pleasant change to see the city differently thanks to the inspiration of photography.  

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