A Traveller’s Diary - Iceland 12/5/2016

My family hadn’t been overseas on holiday for several years, so a few months ago we made the decision that we would like to go to Florida for a couple of weeks.  We did the usual thing and went into a high street travel agent to enquire about the prices.  I remember waking up in a brightly lit room….

With a bit of research, it turned out that by organising everything ourselves we could actually tack on 3 days in Iceland and 5 days in New York either side of the fortnight in Florida for about the same price, so that’s what we did.

Day 1

There’s not much to say about day 1.  It was taken up with finishing a night shift at 7am, snatching a couple of hours sleep and then beginning the adventure with the flight from Glasgow to Iceland with Icelandair.  After our arrival in a cold, grey, rainy Keflavik we picked up our hire car and set off to find our accommodation on the South coast about 200 miles to the East, arriving at about 10pm.

Day 2

Day 2 dawned dry, bright & fresh.  We got up after a comfortable sleep in our wooden cabin at Hörgsland Cottages.  I made a few photos of the cabin and a short timelapse video.

After breakfast we set off travelling East along the Southern portion of the ring road that encircles Iceland.  The next image was made right next to the road near Kalfafell.  Despite being Iceland’s main road, the traffic is very light in comparison with the UK.

…and from the other side in black & white.

One of the things that makes Iceland so interesting is how the landscape can change dramatically across a very short distance.  The photo of electricity pylons stretching across the flat plain below was made literally straight across the road from the one above.

After taking this photo we continued East to the glacial lagoon and beach at Jökulsárlón where the waves crash against icebergs that have broken away from the Glacier.  My next post will continue the story.

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