Back To Vik (10 June 2016)

Our 2nd full day in Iceland was always going to be a full day, with over 200 miles to drive to Reykjavik and several locations along the way that we wanted to visit.  Our first stop was Vik again, but this time in the daylight as I wanted to explore the beach area with its distinctive headland and sea stacks.  

And looking inland from the beach you can see the village of Vik, unless you’re only about 3ft tall, in which case you can only see the church on the hill!  Just to clarify… I’m not only 3ft tall. I squatted down to take the picture!

After our brief stop in Vik, it was time to head a little further West.  I had hoped to stop at Dyrhólaey and explore the headland a bit more, but we were already running out of time as we needed to be in Reykjavik by 10pm to pick up the keys for our overnight apartment.

One of the sights I really didn’t want to miss was the wreck of a Douglas DC-3 aeroplane on the beach at Sólheimasandur.  Back in 1973 the crew made a forced landing on the beach after encountering severe icing.  The navy recovered all of the high value parts of the aircraft, but the fuselage was left behind.  The years have taken their toll, but it’s still there over 40 years later.

It’s a surreal location. The sea and the road are both beyond the horizon in either direction.  All you can see is an uninterrupted landcsape of coarse black sand.  The kind of a location where they might have faked the moon landings!.  

It was the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday the day I was there, and there were lots of other people around. I spent about an hour taking photos, much of that time was waiting for a clear view of the composition I wanted.  

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