Holiday Day 2 - Part 1 (26 July 2015)

Saturday was the 50th annual Masham Steam Fair.  We headed for the village to wait for the procession of steam powered and classic vehicles to arrive.  A couple of vehicles were already in the village square when we arrived.  This Daimler SP250 was stunning!

We saw this AEC Matador passing through Thirsk earlier in the afternoon as we were heading back to the car after lunch in the pub.  We caught up with it a few miles further up the road as it chugged along at not much more than 30mph.  Danny is barely taller than one of its tyres.

One of the things that I find a little frustrating about preserved vehicles of all types is that they are often restored to a condition which is far from how they looked in daily use.  For classic cars, a pristine showroom finish is fine, as most of us would like our cars to  look shiny & new, but for working vehicles I think it’s incongruous.  I thought it was nice therefore to see that some of the owners of these vehicles seem to share that view and have allowed their vehicles to retain the patina of a lifetime of hard work.  This Bedford also showed a nice careworn look.

A lovely Mk.2 Jaguar turned up…

A smart MGB was tucked away behind one of the village buildings.

This 1925 Morris Country Bus was already a vintage vehicle when the first steam fair was held in Masham 50 years ago.

And then the paper boy arrived!

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