Holiday Day 3 - Steaming (3 Aug 2015)

On the Sunday morning we drove to Pickering station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.  another place I’d never been to before and it was great to see the station so well looked after and restored to the way it looked in the 1930’s.  For me, living museums like this are so much more interesting than a hall filled with shiny static exhibits.  After we had finished our breakfast rolls BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 75029 “The Green Knight” arrived.  

The train sits in the platform with the forward portion under the recently reinstated overall roof.  The original had been removed in the 1950’s due to corrosion.

After watching the loco run around its train and depart we set off for Whitby by car.  I realised that we were probably ahead of the train when we were in the vicinity of the  Fylingdales radar station, so we pulled off the road into a small parking area overlooking a sweeping bend in the line and waited for the train to pass.  We were there less than five minutes before it appeared.

We then followed the road down into Goathland and I took this photo of 2-6-0 4MT 76079 from Whitby as it departed for Pickering.

We took a walk around Whitby and I took this shot under the West Pier extension looking back towards  the lighthouse.

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