It’s Been A While (12 January 2016)

Yeah OK it’s been a long time since I last wrote on my blog.  I’ve not been photographically idle during that time, although my wife would probably tell you that I’ve been idle in all other respects!  I’ve actually spent quite a bit of the time revisiting some of my early images from last year and applying my improving post processing skills in Photoshop and Lightroom to improve the edited results.

 I thought it might be interesting to show how far an image can go from the original photo as captured in the camera, via my early inexperienced editing, to where I’m at now.  I’m certainly no expert by any means but I hope anyone who’s interested and who is early in their photographic experience might take some encouragement from seeing how much it is possible to learn in just a year.  

This photo of Finnieston Quay & the Squinty Bridge in Glasgow is a panorama made up of 4 individual photographs stitched together in Photoshop.  Apart from combining the images there has been no processing done on this image, this is exactly how it came out of the camera (a bit on the dark side!)

My original editing was done mostly (in fact I think almost exclusively) in Lightroom as I was scared of Photoshop back then and would only use it where I had to.  At the time I was extremely happy with this result…

With a year of exploring Lightroom and Photoshop and watching countless videos on Youtube I found that I was able to do a lot more with each photograph, and that I was doing less twiddling the sliders and being surprised at the results, and more of the thinking of how I wanted it to look and being able to use the software to acheive that more reliably, which is how I came to this as my finished image….

Did I go too far?  Obviously this edit is a long way from what the camera captured, but for me, what the camera captured is a long way from how it felt to be there that evening, so in my opinion no I didn’t go too far.  When I look at the image now I feel a much more emotional connection with the memory I have of being there with my camera as the sun set and darkness fell.  Capturing those feelings is what I aim to achieve in my photography. 

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