Jökulsárlón to Vik (2 June 2016)

OK so we’re still only on our first full day of the holiday.  We left Jökulsárlón in the late afternoon to head towards Vik for some dinner.  I only managed about 2 or 3 miles before I couldn’t resist the urge to pull over again.  No, I hadn’t been drinking Lager!  The thing is that for someone who loves rugged and stark landscapes, Iceland is just too tempting from a photographer’s viewpoint.

I pulled off the road at a “touristy” signpost for Fjallsárlön and followed the gravel track not really knowing what I would find at the end of it, figuring that “…sárlön” was possibly Icelandic for lagoon.  We reached what appeared to be the end of the track and I was getting my camera gear out of the car when the helpful lady in the only other car there told me that it was possible to drive further up to get better access.

I knew that getting a 4x4 hire car would pay off.  The track was very rough with some quite deep holes and muddy puddles.  I would have felt totally vindicated in my choice if it hadn’t been for the fact that by the time I’d got our car turned around for our off road adventure, we were following a small family hatchback up the hill!  

This is what was waiting for us…

Our next location was at a waterfall we had seen earlier in the day on our outward journey.  I had hoped that there would be time for a quick photo stop on the way back.  This is Foss á Siðu, which translates as “Waterfall at Siðu”.  268 feet from top to bottom!

We arrived in Vik a bit later than planned due to my frequent photo stops.  It was just about 9pm when we arrived in the town to try to find somewhere to eat.  We had a moment of panic on entering the Suður-Vik restaurant when we saw their sign saying food served until 9pm!  We needn’t have worried though as we were given a great friendly welcome and there was no problem getting delicious meals and refreshing drinks.  My wife says that the waitresses were very good looking too, but I told her I hadn’t noticed!

After our tasty meal we left to head back to our cottage, but I couldn’t leave without taking a photo of the town from a vantage point next to the graveyard above the church.

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