Empire State Building

The final leg of last year’s holiday after Iceland and Florida was New York.  I’ve not written a blog piece on Florida, as photographically I didn’t get to do much.  We spent most of our time just being a family on holiday, visiting theme parks, eating and shopping.  

So…we arrived in New York after a pleasant flight with JetBlue, and a short train ride.  I have no connection or affiliation with JetBlue, but I have to say the leg room on the flight was the best I’ve experienced on a low cost carrier.  

Maybe it’s different for younger generations, but when I was a kid, the Empire State building was THE most awesome building in the world.  Not only was it the tallest… (actually not quite the tallest by the time I was old enough to be building my own copies from Lego, but as far as us kids were concerned, there was nothing to beat it), …but its tapering shape was distinctively different from any other that I knew of.  New York and the Empire State building were synonymous.  I knew that it was going to feature in some of my photography goals in the city.

This one was taken as the daylight began to fade on our first day.  I’m pleased with it as I feel it’s quite atmospheric and a little different from most of the views I’ve commonly seen of the building.

Later that night after we’d eaten I left a tired Eileen and kids at the hotel and went out exploring.  Another of my goals was the typical night time shot from high up looking out over the city lights.  I was heading for the Rockefeller center to go up onto the roof, when I saw this view in 6th Avenue. I like the feeling of emptiness in the street, apart from the rubbish waiting to be collected.  Although I suppose it’s trash,or possibly garbage, not rubbish - this is America after all!  I also think the contrast between the ordinary, low rise shops and apartments, and the glamorous world of the skyscraper makes it an interesting image.

The roof of the Rockefeller center (note I’m spelling it the American way) gives panoramic views across the whole of New York.  It’s one of those locations where you know the same image has been made a million times, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to make my own photo.  During my stay, I went up the three most popular skyscraper observation decks, Top of the Rock, Empire State building, and One World Observatory.  

Given that I have the emotional connection with the Empire State building from my childhood, going to the top was a “must do” item on my list.  Of the three though, I think the views from the other two are more interesting.  Maybe it’s because when you’re on top of the Empire State building, it’s the building that’s missing from the view!  I do like this shot I took from there the following night though, looking South towards the Flatiron building, Downtown and beyond.

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