465 Feet! (7 July 2015)

That’s the height of Duncryne Hill near Gartocharn, or 88 metres if you’re down with the kids!  It’s also about the height my heart jumped on the way back down from the summit after enjoying the post sunset tranquility overlooking the southern end of Loch Lomond.

Sunday evening was very pleasant & still so I decided to go for a little adventure somewhere I’d not been before.  I parked the car at the bottom of the hill & set off on the path to the top.  I did notice a small sign on the first gate which warned visitors to stick to the path & not to stray into the woods.

Anyway I must’ve been about an hour at the summit, “On top of the world, looking down on creation”  Feeling blessed to live so near to such a beautiful spot with mist rising in the fields down below.  Eventually my camera battery ran out so after taking in the scene for the last time I packed up my gear and headed back to the car.

It was getting pretty dark by now, after all it was getting close to midnight, so I was carefully picking my way along the path by torchlight.  Taking care not to lose my footing on the slippery wet ground in my smooth soled pumps, not really thinking about anything in particular I reached the section of the path that heads into the woods.  The dark, misty woods!

It’s funny how the mind works, as up until this point I’d completely forgotten about the sign on the gate and it’s “Don’t stray off the path” warning.  Of course my brain thought it would be funny to remind me of the sign by associating it with some old werewolf horror movie.  Not only that, but just at the same time I’m forming these thoughts, by torchlight remember, in the dark, misty woods, a bloody bird decided he wasn’t so keen on my presence there and decided to make a break for it from the treetops.

465 feet then is not only the height of Duncryne Hill, but is also about the distance I jumped. I’m not sure if I made any involuntary sounds, but I’m happy to report that my underwear survived.  The rest of the way back to the car may have been covered slightly more quickly!

Black & White Or Colour? (30 June 2015)

We bought a tent last week and went away down to Yorkshire for the weekend to try it out.  Luckily we had good weather and our last minute choice of campsite was a good one.  30 minutes to erect the tent according to the instructions.  Well let me tell you, the last time I can remember 30 minutes being so long was the last half hour of double maths on a Friday afternoon!  Anyway after putting up the tent we still had the same number of people alive as when we started - no accidents, no bludgeoning to death with a bunch of fibreglass tent poles.

We arrived quite late Friday evening so by the time we were sorted & fed it was pretty much bedtime.  Saturday we went to York & had a nice walk around the city.  The midday light was very harsh though so the only photo I took that I really liked was this Long Eared Owl in the museum gardens.

On Saturday evening I took a walk from the campsite at sunset.  It was a bit pot luck really as I hadn’t any previous experience of the area and didn’t even have time to do any research beforehand as it was such a last minute decision.  I was a bit disappointed as I didn’t think I’d found anything of interest to photograph, but it was an enjoyable walk anyway.  I was almost back at the campsite as the light was fading, hoping to get a shot of this small church.  With perfect timing, someone turned on the lights inside briefly, just long enough for me to take a couple of shots.  This is the one I liked the best.

On Sunday we drove home via Durham and The Metro Centre.  Two places I’d never been before, one of which I’d like to spend more time at on another trip.  I also finally managed to get a close up look at The Angel Of The North, having only ever seen it in the distance previously.  I don’t know what it is about this sculpture, but I found it to be an awe inspiring experience.  Not only for its physical size, but also for its aesthetic quality.  I’ve never been moved by a lump of steel in the same way before.  I spent about an hour taking photos and I’m very happy with this composition.  i just can’t decide whether I like the black & white version better or the colour version.  What do you think?

www.wonderfulwaterfalls (25 June 2015)

My photos from the last couple of days have been of more waterfalls.  This one is Glen Burn Waterfall on Fairlie Moor, but I think it looks like it could have been taken somewhere far more exotic.  It’s a hidden gem totally invisible from the road, but only a couple of hundred yards walk from the car.

The second waterfall is on the Finlaystone Estate between Langbank & Port Glasgow, and it shows what a difference a day can make.  The first image was taken yesterday morning…

On editing the image I felt that it would be good to include more of the banks on either side, so I went back this morning to try again using 3 shots combined into a panorama.  What a difference a day makes though - the flow was noticeably less today which meant that the water has a totally different texture.  

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