Where’s The Burdz?…(21 June 2015)

…These ones were at Lochwinnoch RSPB Reserve.  Taken earlier in the week on my first visit to the reserve, but it certainly won’t be my last.  Unfortunately I only had a short time here in between doing the shopping at Asda and getting home in time for the kids coming in from school.  

Missed The Shot (18 June 2015)

Yesterday I took my daughter & son in law to Glenrothes in advance of their upcoming move.  My daughter passed her interview and was accepted for college, and they also met their prospective new landlord for the first time.  In between the two appointments we took a lovely walk in Riverside Park where I took this photo down by the river…

I climbed back up the bank to find that while I was snapping away, my daughter, a grown woman, fell off the see-saw & faceplanted on the ground.  Talk about missing the shot!

Incy Wincy Spider (16 June 2015)

Yesterday I took the opportunity to go out into the garden and take some flower pictures in the diffuse light of an overcast, but fairly bright day.  I didn’t expect to get photobombed by a spider though…

He wasn’t there when I started setting up the shot so I think he’s just playing to the camera.  Anyway I gave him a couple of dollars, cos that’s what I’ve read that real photographers do! We got to chatting and I offered him some advice about getting out there & experiencing the real world rather than sitting around spending all day on the web.  I think he must have taken my advice as when I went out there today he was gone.   

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