Tweet Tweet (2 June 2015)

I thought it would be fitting today to mark my new Twitter account @AndyHoarePhoto with a bird photo from a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park near Aviemore in April.  We had a great time at the park and really appreciated the open, uncrowded atmosphere which really allowed us to enjoy seeing the animals.

It’s The End Of The World (31 May 2015)

This evening I headed over towards Kilmacolm hoping to take some nice sunset shots at Knapps Loch.  On my way there though, as I rounded a bend in the road I was presented with this dramatic cloud formation.  Called Mammatus clouds they are a sign of extremely turbulent conditions.  

By the time I got to Knapps Loch, the next storm had rolled in and I didn’t get anything I was really happy with after the rain had stopped. 

Catching Up (30 May 2015)

Today I processed a couple of images taken over the last 2 nights.  I’d like to say that I’m catching up, but I still have hundreds of shots to go through from the last month’s visits to the Highland Wildlife Park, Edinburgh Butterfly World, and Twycross Zoo.  I’ll get there eventually.

Here’s a photograph from 2 nights ago, taken after sunset at the bascule bridge over the White Cart in Renfrew.  The bridge lifts up to allow taller yachts in and out of the river.

This next photo was taken after sunset last night under the canopy of the sugar sheds at James Watt Dock, Greenock.

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