A Short Walk In Glasgow (27 Sep 2015)

Following on from my blog post from about a month ago when I had to take my bike into Glasgow for a service before the 5 Ferries Challenge charity bike ride, these are a few of the photos I took on the short walk back from the bike shop to the station.

Firstly a shot of the City of Glasgow College riverside campus.

The City Union Railway bridge is a wonderfully ornate structure.  It used to carry the line which ran into St Enoch station.  

The Merchants’ House steeple was built in 1665.  Will the Holiday Inn Express still be standing in 350 years time?

Back over the river on the South Portland Street suspension bridge and I’m nearly there.

Abstract shot of one of the bridge cables.

Despite living near Glasgow for nearly 20 years, my visits have usually been nothing more than dragging around the shops, or a night out.  It made a pleasant change to see the city differently thanks to the inspiration of photography.  

A Night With The Stars (16 Sep 2015)

I’ve been wanting to do some night photography for a while to try and learn more about taking pictures of the night sky.  Unfortunately we haven’t had very many clear nights in this part of Scotland over the summer, and until Monday night I’d always missed the opportunity for one reason or another (usually work).

One of the challenges I wanted to tackle was to take a photo of the Milky Way.  I drove up to Loch Thom and took this one near the derelict Garvock farmhouse.  I’m fairly pleased with it, but I would like to try again with a faster lens so I could reduce the ISO which would in turn give less noise.  This was taken with my Sigma 10-20mm lens which has a maximum aperture of f4.

This next photo is taken a bit further down the road looking north.  Another of the things I wanted to experiment with was star trails.  This was a 9 minute exposure.  

My next stop was Cloch Lighthouse near Gourock.  I had hoped to be able to make a composition with the Milky Way behind the lighthouse, but the angles didn’t work out from where I was able to stand.

I was then heading home, but as I was driving through Greenock I noticed how well the streetlights illuminated the Glebe building which is an old sugar refinery.  This is a great building and one that I’ve had in mind for photos for a while.

All in all, a good night and I learned quite a lot in the way I like best - by having a go!

Trip to the Far East… (11 Sep 2015)

…of Scotland.

We went over to Glenrothes on Sunday for a meal with my daughters.  One has recently moved there, the other was up for a visit from England.  We decided to stay overnight and have a day out exploring around the East coast on Monday.  I was up at 5am as I wanted to have a go at photographing sunrise at the zig-zag pier at St Monans before breakfast.

That photo didn’t live up to what I was hoping for.  The light and tide weren’t right this time, so it’s one of those places that’s still on my shopping list.  I did take a few other shots around the beach there though.

Eileen wanted to go to a craft shop, but the one she had hoped to go to is closed on Mondays, so she picked a couple of others that she wanted to try.  We headed to Haddington for another disappointment when the shop didn’t live up to her expectations.  There seemed to be a pattern developing for the day!

As it was only another 30ish miles away I suggested going to St Abbs as I knew there was a lighthouse there that might make a good subject for a photo.  I’d never been to this part of the country before so it was nice to see somewhere new.  We didn’t actually make it to the lighthouse, but we did spend some time around the harbour  watching the sea splashing over the rocks.

I stopped just outside the village when I saw this field of freshly cut hay.

We then headed back towards Linlithgow for another craft shop that Eileen wanted to visit before going back to Glenrothes to pick up Buster the dog and say bye to the family.  For a change I took a detour towards Falkirk on the way home to see sunset at the Kelpies.  They look great by day, but at night when they are illuminated I think they look even more stunning.

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