Sunbeams And Clouds (17 Aug 2015)

I’ve fallen a little bit behind in my processing of the photos I’ve taken since going on holiday.  It’s a problem I don’t really mind having as it means that in between work and the other demands on my time I’ve lucky enough to be having plenty of opportunities to take photos at the moment rather than being stuck indoors.

The latest batch I’ve processed are from taking our dog for a walk after tea a couple of weeks ago.  (If there are any posh people reading this, I think you call it dinner!)  I’m very lucky to live close to the River Clyde and the sun & clouds were very dramatic on this evening, which was 2 or 3  weeks ago now.

I like the way the clouds and light are constantly changing,  making each shot a fleeting and unique moment in time.

Holiday Day 5 (9 August 2015)

One of the things that I enjoy most about camping is sitting around the campfire in the evening & watching darkness fall.  We were quite lucky that the weather allowed us to have a campfire next to the tent nearly every night.  We were discussing photography and i had been saying how I wanted to try taking some photos of the stars.  As the sky was pretty clear, my son said “Why don’t you try it tonight?”  So I did…

After a good night’s sleep we headed into York again, but someone forgot to bring the tickets for the other attractions we’d got with our entry into Jorvik.  (I tried to look really disappointed.  Think I got away with it!)  We didn’t stay long in York as a result, but we did join English Heritage while we were there.  We had a look around Clifford’s Tower and I took a few photos from the top, but nothing I was very happy with.  We decided to leave York behind and head back to Whitby to have a look around the Abbey, which our English Heritage membership would now give us access to.

On the way back to the car I took a snap of this warehouse and the bridge over the River Foss.

The ruins of Whitby Abbey provided Bram Stoker with the inspiration for Dracula.  

After Whitby we drove the short distance to Robin Hood’s Bay.  A strange place if I’m honest. Not sure whether I liked it or not.  To me the village is treading a fine line between being full of character & feeling a bit run down.  I do like this photo of Danny running down some stone steps towards me though.

Sadly that’s the last full day of our holiday.  The following day we packed up the tent and loaded the car to the brim before heading home.  We were fortunate in that less than half an hour after starting off it started to rain.  Luckily we were able to get the tent all packed up nice & dry.

Holiday Day 3 - Steaming (3 Aug 2015)

On the Sunday morning we drove to Pickering station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.  another place I’d never been to before and it was great to see the station so well looked after and restored to the way it looked in the 1930’s.  For me, living museums like this are so much more interesting than a hall filled with shiny static exhibits.  After we had finished our breakfast rolls BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 75029 “The Green Knight” arrived.  

The train sits in the platform with the forward portion under the recently reinstated overall roof.  The original had been removed in the 1950’s due to corrosion.

After watching the loco run around its train and depart we set off for Whitby by car.  I realised that we were probably ahead of the train when we were in the vicinity of the  Fylingdales radar station, so we pulled off the road into a small parking area overlooking a sweeping bend in the line and waited for the train to pass.  We were there less than five minutes before it appeared.

We then followed the road down into Goathland and I took this photo of 2-6-0 4MT 76079 from Whitby as it departed for Pickering.

We took a walk around Whitby and I took this shot under the West Pier extension looking back towards  the lighthouse.

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