They Can’t See Your Shoes On The Radio

My last blog post came about after bumping into fellow photographer Ian Robertson who also happens to present a photo themed radio show on Camglen Radio.  Well today’s blog continues that story as Ian recently invited me into the studio to be interviewed about my photography, and today was the big day.  

I’d mentioned it to one of my friends at work a week or so beforehand.  He suggested I should consider having somebody do a voice over for me, as he seems to be under the impression that I have an accent.  What can I say?  I’m from Walsall, he’s from Wigan.  You’d think there would be some kind of solidarity between us, both coming from alphabetically disadvantaged towns.

Ian asked me to provide a couple of my photos to be displayed on the radio station’s Facebook page while I talked about them.  It’s not easy just picking out one or two images from your portfolio.  It’s a bit like being asked to choose which of your children is your favourite.  Anyway I selected two…photos, not children.  The first one of Bank Street in Greenock, and the second one of the Armadillo in Glasgow.  Both photos that you may have seen before, but if you’d like to hear a bit about how they were created, click on the link below to listen to a recording of the interview.  (I had to edit it to remove all the music, so I made it into a video to include the photos).

I got everything ready.  I sent the photos through to Ian a couple of days ago along with a couple of song choices to play in between our chat.  (Sorry Chas, I forgot to ask for George Formby!).  I thought about what I was going to say about the photos.  I had a good nights sleep.  I got myself ready.  I went out into the garden. I pottered about and fed the fish. I said bye to my lovely wife.  I set off for the studio.  I got 5 miles from home when I realised I still had my mucky gardening shoes on.  Shit!  Dilemma time.  Do I go home and swap shoes or not?  Well they can’t see your shoes on the radio can they? 

Can they?

I went home and changed them anyway…just in case!

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