www.wonderfulwaterfalls (25 June 2015)

My photos from the last couple of days have been of more waterfalls.  This one is Glen Burn Waterfall on Fairlie Moor, but I think it looks like it could have been taken somewhere far more exotic.  It’s a hidden gem totally invisible from the road, but only a couple of hundred yards walk from the car.

The second waterfall is on the Finlaystone Estate between Langbank & Port Glasgow, and it shows what a difference a day can make.  The first image was taken yesterday morning…

On editing the image I felt that it would be good to include more of the banks on either side, so I went back this morning to try again using 3 shots combined into a panorama.  What a difference a day makes though - the flow was noticeably less today which meant that the water has a totally different texture.  

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